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 2017 by Chef Express


Chef Express -

Great Food In A Timely Manner

Chef Express was founded in March of 2015 by Mr.  Terence Locke in Chattanooga, TN. The young chef established his catering business with the purpose of fulfilling the public’s desire for great food in a timely manner. But not only did Mr. Locke want to offer great food, he also had a desire to impact the community.
Through Chef Express's mission statement Mr. Locke states that "Our Mission Goes Beyond Just Catering Food. By Promoting The Advancement of Young Entrepreneurs and Serving the Less Fortunate Through Acts of Kindness, We Strive to Cater to the Needs of Our Community." 

Chef Express has grown exponentially since its debut. Mr. Locke is now the overseer of 10 employees. His services are available but not limited for hire to weddings, major corporation lunches, sponsoring events, and in March of 2017 Mr. Locke hosted and catered for his first event. Chef Express is also involved in holding events for the community. Every year Chef Express hosts an Entrepreneur Expo where their mission is to promote entrepreneurship in the African American community. There are no limits in sight for Mr. Locke’s Chef Express. He states, “We keep God first because it is He who spreads his blessings through our business.”